Welcome to Sustain Energy !

We live in a world of rapid change which requires new and innovative solutions to rethink the way we design, formulate and implement public policies, business models as well as training and education programmes.  

How can we best motivate and prepare future leaders to build a better world for people and the planet?

Join us to lead the energy transition and create a more sustainable future !

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Sharing Our Passion for Sustainability with You

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Strategic Advice in Public Policies

Embrace the new political landscape

Use your advocacy strengths for greater impact

Leverage your network to amplify your influence

Build credibility with policymakers

Achieve greater results for longer-term change


Public relations and Communications

Convince your audience in a 5 min elevator speech

Improve your public speaking 

Speak to the world through media training

Develop some new partnerships

Plan and manage innovative events

Corporate Social Responsibility

Evaluate your business practice

Measure your footprint, scope your area of work

Define your top priorities

Execute your new business plan

Assess your results and refine your plan

Leadership training and Education

Design highly interactive and engaging training 

Boost motivation through team-building exercises

Develop your negotiation skills

Learn by doing at work and in the classroom

Assess your progress and set the bar even higher

Collaboration for sustainability in theory and practice.